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New blog about Analysis Services

August 22, 2011 1 comment

This week, I welcome friend, coffee connoisseur, large cube runner and coder Pete Adshead to the blogosphere.

Pete is blogging at:  His first blog is about managing SSAS through AMO – and the “interesting” coding pattern you have to adopt.

Have fun reading

Good coffee in Heathrow T5

May 30, 2011 3 comments

imageAs some of you may know, I need my coffee strong, good and made by people who are passionate about what they do. Airports are unfortunately often deserted by such people, which leads to even more grumpy behaviour.

But today, I found the exception: V Bar in Heathrow T5. While not the epitome of coffee you will find in Italy or Brazil, the place is run by Italians who obviously know a thing or two about the relationship between the man and the machine. A surprising piece of quality in such a place.

Recommended for the frequent traveller; V Bar is located near the A20 gate, just next to the the escalator to the BA lounges.