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SQLBits and Phones

October 6, 2011 2 comments

imageMy presentation from SQLBits: “Finding the Limits: The Grade of The Steel” should be online soon. There is a lot of stuff to blog about and so little time to do it. It was some fun days of tuning as the picture shows.

I am curious to hear comments on my session. Was it useful? What other tests would you like to see? Do you prefer this presentation style over other styles (no, I won’t do demos!).

Special thanks to the good people over at Fusion-io for letting me use their kit to run tests. You guys rock!

In other news: I finally found a phone that is just a phone. It is called the Nokia X2, I had it for only a few days and I am already liking it a lot. So far, it has survived on only one charge.

A Mobile Phone – How Hard can it be?

August 11, 2011 1 comment

I have recently switched to iPad as my primary device for media viewing, music, book reading, email and to some extend blogging (though I still find Live Writer superior and even run VMware Fusion on my home Mac for that purpose alone). Because I no longer need a big screen on my phone, it is therefore time to go back to the old days.

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