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Happy New Year Update – and OOF

imageHappy new year everyone. First of all, thanks for staying in touch and reading my site. According to Google Analytics, I have over 27K unique page hits and there is a steady traffic of over 50 hits/day of “not search engine crawler and not spam” traffic. Considering that I have done very little to expand my reach (with the exception of picking the inevitable fight with Dan Lindstedt in the Kimball forums) I think that is pretty nice. Peak traffic is now 500 page views in a single day for the most popular post (“Boosting INSERT speed Generating Scalable Keys” in case you were wondering)

The structure of my writing is beginning to converge on a well defined set of categories. One may even argue that I am becoming a grumpy old man with set opinions. Because of this, I have updated the taxonomy of the site to make it easier for you to track the stuff you are interested in.

Basically, it works like this (and I will keep it “insert only” after this – promise)

  • Engines: Advise and observations specific to one database engines (and I use that term broadly).
  • Grade of the Steel: My performance testing experiments and crazy tuning, where I try to squeeze out the max throughput of large systems.
  • Modeling: Everything related to modeling, sub grouped by the type of modeling. There will be engine specific things in here too, but I will strive for it to be stuff everyone can benefit from reading. Readers who are only interested in my data warehouse series should RSS subscribe here.
  • Musings: My personal views on the world, where I get to practice my writing and exhibit my freedom of speech. If you like my content, but hate my guts (or if you just are easily offended) you may want to skip past these posts.
  • Utilities: Small utilities I sometimes create (under GPL) and a bag of tricks that did not fit in anywhere else.
    Note that there is a many-to-many relation between posts and categories: posts can appear in more than one category at a time. Of course, you can still subscribe to the “master level” directly at blog.kejser.org/feed where all posts will appear to track it all.
    The tag cloud will evolve over time and helps the search engines categorize what is going on here. It also has the narcissistic effect of showing me a “mental map” of what I am most interested in.

imageI will be going OOF until end of January. After this, the plan is to pick up the Data Warehouse series again.

Again, thanks to everyone who is reading and commenting. Here’s a toast to yet another year of arguments and strong opinions…



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