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OT: Optimizing Skyrim

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imageThe winter solstice peace has finally settled and I am heading up North, Scotland, to indulge in good food, good company and great amounts of Whiskey.

In the little spare time I had the last month, I have had a chance to play Skyrim. Some people may call me a sad character, but I apply tuning to all aspects of my life – including the computer games I play.

Here follows my guide to the optimal Skyrim Character Build. If you do not play Skyrim, this article will be lost on you, but I hope to post more interesting things during this vacation.

Target Character

I like to tune things by first knowing the engine I am tuning for, and then looking for the optimal hill to stand on in the landscape of design points.

I both want the leveling experience to be smooth at lower levels (making me enjoy the process), while at same time not sacrificing ultimate power at later levels. Also, I don’t want (like it was often the case in older Elder Scrolls games) to spend stupid amounts of time on leveling some irrelevant skills.

Here is what we are aiming for:

Level: 81 (The max achievable in the game)

Skills: All at 100

Magic Resistance: >75%

Fire/Frost Resist: >50%

Melee Damage Output: One Handed Weapons 300+ DMG/hit

Ranged Weapon Output: Unlimited cast destruction spells, either fire or shock


Item Slot Item Enchant 1 Enchant 2
Head Dragon/Deadric Plate Fortify Destruction Fortify One-Handed
(Option 1)
Dragon/Deadric Plate Fortify Destruction Fortify Destruction +  Regenerate Magicka
(Option 2)
Ebony Mail
(Daedric Artefact)
Muffle Area Effect Damage
Arms Dragon/Deadric Plate Fortify Destruction Fortify One-Handed
Legs Dragon/Deadric Plate Resist Fire/Frost Muffle if you don’t use Ebony Mail, if not: Fire/Frost
Neck Any Resist Magic 25% Resist Magic 25%
Ring Any Resist Magic 25% Resist Fire/Frost
Weapon Legendary Deadric Sword / Dagger Shock Damage Fire Damage

This character is capable of sneaking silently in Heavy Armour (due to Muffle enchant). In dungeons, you can sneak up on pretty much any enemy and one hit them with a backstab.

But you are not safe, sometimes you do not have time to hide or people see through your sneak. The combination of legendary deadric weapons with shock damage enchant (which stacks with the Destruction perk) will make short work of any enemies that take you by surprise.Because your destruction skill is fortified to 100% with enchants, you will not spend charges on the item either.

Having 100% fortified destruction also means you can take down pesky ranged attack enemies (ex: dragons, vampires and necromancers) with either shock or fire (I prefer shock, it just looks cooler). You can do this while having your sword equipped, or you can dual wield spells. This takes away all the hassle of managing items.

Selecting Race and Attributes

Your first choice in the game is your race. I recommend one or these three:

  • Nord: 50% frost resist
  • Dunmer (Dark Elf): 50% Fire resist
  • Breton: 25% Magic Resist

All the other races have abilities which are either useless (ex: Imperial Voice of the Emperor), can be easily replaced with potions (ex: Argonian Water Breathing, Wood elf Disease Resist) or matched with a few extra levels (ex: Altmer Magicka Bonus)

However, the resistances of the Nord, Dumer and Breton are very useful. Since you are limited to 12 apparel enchantments, any amount of additional resistance is good news. I started the game as Imperial because I liked the money perk – but later discovered that money is abundant later in the game. Looking back, I should have picked Nord.

My one other consideration would be the Orc, getting double damage output from berserk could make for some spectacular videos for YouTube and for powerful boss takedowns.

With regards to attributes, I recommend you don’t go higher than about 300 in Magicka. As your character progresses, you will gradually eliminate the need for this attribute through enchantments. You just need enough of it to cast the highest level spells once. Stamina is somewhat useful for carrying lots of loot and doing power attacks. A ratio of 3:2 between health and stamina is probably around right.

Building Craft Skills – The City Routine

Craft skills forms a very important part of Skyrim. My optimized character relies heavily on them for these reasons:

  • They allow you to gradually improve the gear instead of relying in “big finds”
  • They give you the OPTIMAL final gear in the game
  • They are a great source of making gold
  • They provide free levels, without combat, early in the game

In order to gain the benefits of crafting early, when money is scarce, you need to gradually train both Alchemy, Enchanting and Smithing.

Follow the routine below whenever you visit one of the major cities to restock. I like to use Whiterun as my base, because it has an enchanting table next to the alchemist lab in the castle and all stores conveniently located near the spawn point. Also, Whiterun has a home you can buy right next to the blacksmith

1) Visit the blacksmith.

  • Buy all of his/her:
    • Iron Ore
    • Silver Ore
    • Iron Ingots
    • Leather Strips
    • Leather
  • Turn the leather into leather bracers
  • Turn the iron ingots into iron daggers

Be on the lookout for Armour that has the muffle enchant. If you see it, buy it.

While you are walking around town, cast transmute to turn iron/silver ore into gold ore.

2) Visit the Alchemy Store

  • Buy all ingredient that cost less than 100 gold (you will soon make this money back).
  • Sell all potions you have acquired or created that are NOT Magicka or Heath potions.

3) Visit General Store, Tailor and Local Mage

  • Buy all common, lesser and petty soul gems. Including the ones that already have souls in them.
  • If you can afford it, buy great and grand soul gems too
  • Buy any lock picks you see, you will need them
  • If you do not already have them, buy unenchanted arm, head and body cloth armour
  • Sell misc. stuff you have picked up on your travels to get the money you just spend back from the merchant.
  • Sell old version of your gear that you no longer use (mages will buy rings/necklaces from you, general stores buy most items)

3) Visit an enchanting table

  • Disenchant any gear you have picked up that has unknown enchantments
  • Enchant all the iron daggers you have created with Fortify Stamina or Turn Undead. This levels up enchanting and makes you money later
  • (Optional): Quaff a Fortify Enchantment potion
  • Enchant Clothing, Rings and Necklaces with Fortify Alchemy. Four items take this enchant
  • Enchant Clothing, Rings and Necklaces with Fortify Smithing. Four items take this enchant. (If you have the Extra Effect perk, you can combine this with step above)
  • If you have a newly crafted weapon, enchant it with Shock or Fire Damage (or both, if you have Extra Effect perk)

4) Visit the Alchemist table

  • Put on your best Fortify Alchemy gear
  • If you have ingredients, create the one of each of the following:
    • Fortify Enchanting (Blisterworth, Glowing Mushroom, Sabre Cat Tooth, Spriggan Sap)
    • Fortify Smithing (Blue Butterfly Wing, Hagraven Claw, Snowberries, Spriggan Sap)
  • Create all the Health and Magicka Potions you have ingredients for
  • Use up the rest of the ingredients on the most expensive potions you can create, leveling skill. Good potions to level up with are:
    • Slow (Deathbell, Large Antlers, River Betty, Salt Pile)
    • Paralyze (Briar Heart, Canis Root, Human Flesh, Imp Stool, Swamp Fungal Pod)
    • Invisibility (Chaurus Egg, Nirnroot, Ice Wraith Teeth, Luna Moth Wing, Crimson Nirnroot, Vampire Dust)
    • Ravage Magicka (Many ingredients, experiment to discover)
    • Any potion with multiple effects

5) Visit the Blacksmith again

  • Sell the enchanted daggers you created. This should earn you back your money
  • If you do not already have one of the proper material, create the highest level dagger or sword you can (buy ore/ingots if needed)
  • Wear the best Fortify Smithing Gear you have created in Step 3
  • Quaff your best Fortify Smithing potion
  • Improve your weapon using a grindstone
  • Improve your armour using the workbench
  • Craft all your gold ingots into and equal number of necklaces and rings

Don’t spend gold on anything else than the above routine – just don’t buy anything else from vendors. After a few iterations, you will at least break even. Also, while this may seem complicated at first, it takes only a minute or two once you have done it a few times. I go through this iteration once per visit to a city, and every time your crafting gear gets a little better – until you get gear that boosts your Alchemy and Smithing skill with +150% or more. You will also be able to creating Fortify Enchanting Potions that add +32% to your skill, which adds a significant boost to your late game gear.

This routine also makes sure your gear levels with you, and it positions you to create the super powerful dragon/deadric plate armour and deadric dagger late in the game. Lets talk about how you get there.

Spoiler Warning: The following will contain spoilers

Your first 30 Levels

The focus of the first level is to build some basic survivability, while ensuring a strong setup for the later levels. The game is quite gentle on your in the beginning, so you get some space for error.

After escaping the dragon and visiting the standing stones, choose the mage stone. You will be doing a lot of spell casting soon.

After getting to Whiterun, your first task should be to join the companions and pursue their quest line till the very end of it. This gives you two advantages: 1) You get the ability to transform into a werewolf which is very useful for boss encounters. 2) You get access to free warrior training (more about this later).

The first 20 or so levels, your basic combat strategy is:

  • Cast Conjured Sword in one hand, and attack enemies that get up close
  • Cast shock or fire Attacks with the other hand
  • Cast Heal spells whenever you are hurt  (and gain skill in Restoration)
  • Try to sneak up on enemies for backstabs
  • Use alteration spells like Oakflesh and Lesser Ward to protect yourself
  • Wear cloth armour for best speed and silent sneaking

This strategy levels up Destruction, Alteration, Sneak, Restoration and One-Handed, giving you that edge you need during combat. You will be wearing cloth armour, since the early game alteration spells are better than what you can craft (and it adds skill points too). Cloth also improves your chances of sneaking successfully.

Whenever you return to cities to sell loot, follow the city routine

Pick perks in this order (if you do not yet qualify, skip to next one down the list, don’t save them up)

  1. Destruction: Novice Destruction – gets you started
  2. Destruction: Augmented Shock or Flames (x2) – Significant boost in damage output 
  3. Destruction: Dual Casting – Unlocks more damage
  4. Destruction: Impact – stun while casting
  5. Smithing: Steel Smithing
  6. Smithing Dwarven Smithing – Easy to find in Dwemer ruins 
  7. Stealth (x5)
  8. Stealth: Muffled Movement – needed to sneak in heavy armour
  9. Stealth: Backstab – Makes backstabbing worth it
  10.   Smithing: Orcish Smithing – useless, but prerequisite
  11.   Smithing: Ebony Smithing – Your run of the mill armour, until you get
  12.   Smithing: Deadric Smithing
  13.   Enchanting: Enchanter (x5)
  14.   One-Handed: Armsman (x5) – boost output 
  15.   Heavy Armour: Juggernaut (one level only for now)
  16.   Heavy Armour: Fists of Steel – prerequisite
  17.   Heavy Armour: Cushioned – prerequisite, unlocks power!

“Wait a minute”, you may say: “How can I level up Heavy Armour when I am not using it?”. Glad you asked: This is why you should be joining the companions. Once you have reached a high enough status in the guild, you can recruit their members as followers. One of the followers (Vilkas, I think) will train you in Heavy Armour. At the first given opportunity, start doing this right after EVERY level up (you can only pay to train 5 skill points each level). The beauty of having Vilkas as a follower is you can trade with him and get back the gold you spend on training. Free training.

At level 30, you should have nearly 100 skill in heavy armour. A fair amount of skill in Destruction and Sneak and some basic skill in One-handed and Alteration. As you hit level 31, you can take the Heavy Armour: Conditioning perk and you can now move around unencumbered, muffled (if you found the enchantment) and with high speed, in the best armour you can craft. Don’t worry if you cannot craft Deadric or even Ebony yet, you will soon get there.

Other Tips:

  • Equally balance Magicka, Stamina and Health when leveling up to 30.
  • When you are in draugr ruins, always try to backstab the inactive draugr. Even with a low sneak skills, they are easy to sneak up on
  • Enchant a blade with Soul Trap and use it in your off-hand to finish off any enemies whose soul you want.
  • Obtain the Alteration: Transmute spell early so you can make gold necklaces and rings
  • When cornered, switch to werewolf form. This is also useful for taking down bosses you cannot sneak up on
  • Obtain the Muffle spell from the illusion school early, and cast it frequently in dungeons. This levels up Illusion skills and makes you much less likely to be detected
  • If you still find at hard to sneak up on people, join the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild to get their special armour. But if you do, don’t level up your light armour skill
  • In Riften, you will find a quest (Unfathomable Depths) that takes you to some dwarven ruins to deliver a lexicon. Do this quest early, to obtain a powerful ability that makes you level faster in blacksmithing and gives you an armour bonus when wearing Dwarven
  • Go to Solitude to work on becoming the thane there. You may have to do the Bard College quests first. The thane quest starts in the jarl’s castle in Solitude.
  • It is a good idea to stick to the roads at early levels, and stay away from mountains. Trolls and necromancers can make short work of you while you are still weak.
  • Travel with the coaches you find at stables to get to large cities, don’t try to walk there.

Rounding off the Character – Getting to around level 60

When you hit level 31, you have established a basic fighting technique and is now able to wear heavy armour while dual casting deadly destruction spells that knock enemies back. Likely, you will be wearing dwarven armour (with the nice 25% bonus if you took my advise) at this point.

It is time to bolster your defenses against spell casters, dragons and range attackers, all of which will be common now. At this point, it is probably a good idea to switch to the Lover’s Stone, since your skill leveling will be more varied.

You may also want to work on losing your werewolf blood to get well rested bonuses again (you cannot gain well rested while you have werewolf blood)

Keep doing the city routine until you have the best gear in the game

Since you already have a strong build, it is now less important which order you take perks in – enjoy the smooth sailing. However, it IS important WHICH perks you take and I recommend you focus on this priority list:

  • Enchanting: Insightful Enchanter – this makes your one-handed enchants much stronger, boosting damage output
  • Enchanting: Corpus Enchanter – useless, prerequisite
  • Enchanting: Extra Effect –this makes your gear ridiculously powerful, you can start experimenting with prototypes of the gear I introduced in the beginning
  • Alchemy: Alchemist (x5) – a this will greatly boost your smithing skills, making your weapons and armour even more powerful, at this point, you should be using Ebony
  • Alchemy: Physician – useless, unlocks next skill
  • Alchemy: Benefactor – more skill points in your potions, this is your final skill in the Alchemy sign
  • Heavy Armour – Finish off the sign. Perhaps with exception of Matching Set, if you plan to wear the Ebony Mail
  • Illusion: Novice Illusion – Prerequisite
  • Illusion: Animage – Useless, but prerequisite
  • Illusion: Kindred Mage – as above
  • Illusion: Quiet Casting –the only skill we really want from this school, hours of fun
  • Sneak: Finish off the sign, the last skill is particularly useful. Take Deadly Aim/Assasins Blade only if you want to dual wield daggers.

With fully leveled up sneak and Quiet Casting, you can play a lot of interesting tricks on your enemies. Should they get close, you can finish them off quickly with enchanted, One-hand weapons.

Other tips:

  • When you get access to Deadric armor, don’t enchant it until you have peaked out on both alchemy and enchanting skills as above. At this point, you should be able to create the ultimate gear as described in the introduction
  • Stop adding Magicka during level up when you hit about 300. Destruction spells will be free soon.
  • If you have trouble finding money to buy ebony, take the Dragon Smithing perk. Dragon scales and bones are abundant and you can experiment with different enchants until you have maxed out Alchemy and Enchanting.
  • As your Destruction skill gets around 75, you need to work on the College of Winterhold quests. They will give you higher level spells.
  • Do the Azura Star quest and get the Black Star. This gives you an unlimited amount of Grand Souls.
  • When entering a room with many enemies, set traps for them using lightning runes. This levels up Destruction fast 
  • Do the question Boethia’s Calling to obtain the Ebony Mail. This rounds off your sneak abilities very nicely, especially if you have not found the Muffle enchant yet.
  • Continue the trick used to level up Heavy Armour. The companions will supply you with free training in Archery, Block and Two-Handed. While you will not be using these skills – you should still train them 5 points every level. They contribute to your total levels and perks.
  • If you have joined the thieves guild, you can use the same trick to level up Lock Picking and Pickpocket. While you will level up Lock Picking, it is annoying to level up, and so is Pickpocket
  • Disenchant the Shield of Solitude (obtained by becoming thane of Solitude). It contains an enchantment that can be stacked with the regular Resist Magic on the same item. This allows you to reach the cap of 85% Resist Magic by enchanting a necklace and a ring.
  • If you are Nord, enchant your boots with Resist Fire.
  • If you are Dunmer, enchant your boost with Resist Frost
  • If you are Breton, you can skip on enchant on the necklace slot and get both Resist Frost and Resist Fire.
  • With the proper combination of resistance enchants (as per first section) you can stand in the middle of a dragons breath and take very little damage.

Boasting – getting to level 81

When you have reached the build above, most enemies will fall fast to either your spells or your blade. Enemies will still level up with you, so prepare for some interesting fights.

From here, there are a few paths you can take that will make your character even stronger, and more fun to play.

  • Level up Alteration to get another 30% magic resist. This frees up an enchant slot (because Resist Magic caps at 85%) and allows you to boost one-handed damage even further. With the proper Fortify One-handed enchants, you can one-hit most enemies.
  • Level up one-handed and specialize in axes, sword or maces to create fun effects while fighting people (heads will literally roll)
  • Dual wield daedric swords.  Combine with dual wield perks and fortify one-handed enchant for massive melee damage output (who needs a shield and magic anyway?)
  • Level up Pickpocket and kill people by placing poisons (which you can make very strong now) in their inventory. Plunder entire cities, steal people’s weapons and armour and watch them helplessly try to fight you.
  • Level up Conjuration (you already have a high skills, you used Conjured Sword, remember?) and summon an army of minions to do the dirty work for you.
  • Level up Archery and destroy enemies from afar while comfortably hidden with Sneak.

Getting the Last Levels and skill points:
To get all the way to level 81, you have to get most of your skills to 100. All your craft skills (Alchemy/Enchanting/Smithing), Sneak, One-handed, Heavy Armour and Destruction should already be close and easy to finish off. If you used the trainers like I advised, you also have a good skill in Two-handed, Block, Archery, Pickpocket and Lock Picking. Here are some tips to finish it all off:

  • First: Use your super powered enchanting skill to create items that boost the skill you want to level up.
  • To level up two-handed and archery: Take you newly crafted, legendary great sword and deadric bow to a dragon or giant fight. Use items to boost damage output. Leave your companions at home.
  • To level up Block and Light Armour, take your big shield and dragon scale armour to a giant fight. Heal with one hand and hold the shield with the other (this also levels up restoration)
  • To level up Illusion, create gear to provide 100% Fortify Illusion, then cast Muffle non-stop while sneaking in town
  • Buy as much skill training in Light Armour as you can (5 points each level)
  • To level up Pickpocket, quaff potions or use skill items and plunder a city
  • To level up alteration, hold up wards against dragons and other big creates

Tank Style Variant

As I played the game this far, I realized there is an interesting variant of this strategy. Overall, I think the cloth wearing technique for the first 30 levels is pretty solid. But it could be argued that you could instead use a shield and either destruction or a one-handed weapons for survivability (instead of sneak) until you reach get sufficient skill to make heavy armour weightless and fast (I find that moving in heavy armour is simply too slow, so I defer until I get the proper perk).

For such a build you would completely skip the Illusion and Sneak trees and instead focus on boosting melee damage output until you can eventually give up the shield as you acquire strong, enchanted gear. Without sneak, you will get into some much nastier fights, but you can counter this with additional skill in one-handed weapons. The basic gear you will be aiming for is mostly the same. Though you may free up the Muffle enchant slot for more one-handed damage output.


In this very off topic blog post, i have described some of the strategies I have used to optimize my Skyrim game experience. I am fully aware that not everyone enjoys computer games in this way – but this is the way I like to play it: With max power.

I have created a new category on this site for musing like these. If you are only interested in my technical ramblings, you can simply subscribe to individual categories found on the right side of this page.

    1. December 22, 2011 at 00:19

      Excellent post, it just reminded me I wanted a copy of Skyrim but thought it would interfere with my getting my SQL Server MCM but I passed yesterday. So now I’ve got some time to play…

      • Thomas Kejser
        December 25, 2011 at 11:12

        Have fun Martin. It is an amazing game

    2. Matt Temple
      January 29, 2012 at 05:50

      You have missed the Notched Pickaxe, which increases your smithing by a further 5 points, also I’m relatively sure that archery scales a lot quicker than one handed late game, so it may be worth looking into that. I am not sure however if it is more than the constant effect you are getting from your spells. However, this could be counter balanced by the reflect of damage from your heavy armour by putting no points at any time into either magicka or stamina (which is viable, i have done it on the hardest difficulty) and put all points into health. Then also enchanting your body with health and health regen. This allows you to never worry about dieing (you can literally tank a giant to death at certain points in the game). The muffle could be replaced with the fact that the majority of the time you will be a fair distance from your target. This also means that you can enchant your helm with underwater breathing, which, with becoming a werewolf (resist disease), makes up for not being an argonian. Now considering standing stones. The three that i find to blend into the build most effectively would be The atronach, lady and lord stone. With the atronach allowing you to effectively ignore 50% of the magic attacks being thrown at you (allowing you to replace your spell resistances with elemental resistances). The lady stone improving your health regen allowing you to tank better (although i believe the atronach is better). And the lord stone allowing you to get 100% magic resistance without being a Breton, as the 50 points of damage resistance doesn’t do anything end game due to the fact that you can only ever resist 80% of all incoming damage, anything above that is wasted.

      • Thomas Kejser
        January 31, 2012 at 13:44

        Thanks for the comments Matt

        You are right, I forgot the Notched Pickaxe. Thanks for adding.

        I found that Destruction scales best at the low levels, but as you approach higher levels, you will eventually need Archery to do good ranged damage. However, Archery by itself (trained to 100, which is easy) is powerful enough at later levels. With 100 in all crafting skills, you can make bows that literally do over 200 points of damage per hit). You could invest in it at later level to get another doubling and the critical hit bonus, but I am not sure it is worth it.

        I did notice that Destruction flattens out at later levels and does very little damage against ancient dragons when you are in the 70-80ies. But fortunately, the skills you acquire in Destruction at earlier levels add to the damage of enchantments and makes you drain charges of weapons very slowly for one-handed weapons. So they are skill points well invested.

        It may be viable to switch to Archery enchanted gear at later level, instead of the Destruction gear. This is something I will experiment with.

        I agree that health/stamina is the place to put most your attribute points. But I need a little magicka to cast the high level Conjuration spells (like Storm Thrall).

        I am currently tanking giants and their mammoths on Master level difficulty and three-hitting them with dual wield daggers (shields are for wimps :-).

        If you can stay at range I agree there is no need for Muffle enchant – though bows only do 3x Stealth Damage. But I have found myself sneaking around inside houses a lot where the 15x dagger backstab bonus is REALLY handy.

        With regards to standing stones, Atronach is my sign at the highest levels. But I do like the experience bonus stones until I get there.

    3. Matt Temple
      February 3, 2012 at 08:41

      I agree with the destruction flattening out concept, it (unlike the standard weapon set based skills) doesn’t scale in power but scales in how much it costs to cast spells, this ultimately in my opinion makes it less viable in game when it comes to pure damage output when it is compared to say, 2 melee weapons or a bow.

      To be honest in my build i completely omitted magicka all together mostly because I enjoy far more building completely for end game in my skills in any game, not just skyrim (I find more joy in doing vast quantities of research and figuring out an end game build before playing a game than just getting stuck in).

      I did read somewhere that for pure damage per second you can optimise with Archery. I will do some proper analysis into this because i think it would be quite interesting to see which is better, Archery or Dual wielding. One thing however i find to be a lot of fun when doing the smithing/alchemy/enchanting optimisation is using archery pots. Your damage output goes through the roof.

      One thing however which is useful with destruction is how easy it is to kill dragons with it (not that they are difficult with my build either but alas). I recently built a mage character and out of interest leveled him using the console and adorning him with every spell. The master spell for destruction is absolutely fantastic for killing dragons. Because it’s a constant stream of lightning it drains all their magicka and they can’t attack you, all you have to look out for is them biting your head off.

      I completely agree with you on your choice of stones, the only reason i included them was to show how Breton and Argonian as a race choice become obsolete because you can replace them with a combination of standing stones, werewolf disease and if it pivots on the water breathing from Argonians, one helmet enchantment.

      Anyway I’m going to have a look at the scaling on the daggers vs the bows, i’ll hopefully be able to write back with some actual figures.

    4. March 1, 2012 at 15:02

      Nice blog, hope you post more like this!

    5. March 19, 2012 at 23:47

      One great tip is to use the Steed Stone:
      “The Steed gives a bonus of 100 extra carrying capacity and no movement penalty is received by armor. Armor also has 0 weight when equipped. ” –quote from Elder Scrolls Wiki
      So you don’t have to sacrifice the various perk points.

      The stone is located directly north of the Statue to Meridia and north-west of Solitude, about two-thirds of the way between Fort Hraggstad and Solitude.

      Very good guide by the way!

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