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My Speaking Schedule the rest of 2011

For those of you who would like to hear me throw my usual tantrums at conferences about data modeling, high scale tuning and optimal use of hardware. Here is my speaking schedule for the rest of 2011.

  • SQLUG Sweden (14th September, Gothenburg) – Just around the corner from my home. I will be presenting about Data Warehouse tuning there.
  • SQLBits – Query across the Mersey (29th September to 1st October, Liverpool) – large SQL Server conference in Europe. I really like going there: it is local, casual atmosphere, focused on tech level 400 and the place to have great discussions over beers at the conference. Last BITS I experimented with a different presentation style – this time I will go back to the old and proven style that has served me well for BITS before. I got access to some crazy hardware, so I may reveal some nasty tricks you can play with big machines.
  • PASS Summit 2011 (11-14 October, Seattle) – This event, because if its location in Seattle, makes it easy for you to meet the developers of SQL Server. There will be tons of sessions. Go catch your favourite developer on the hallways after their session.
  • PASS SQLRally Nordic (8-9 November, Aronsborg, Near Stockholm) – The big Nordic PASS conference. This is a new initiative hosted by the Nordic MVP and SQL community. I look  much forward to this event.

I am unfortunately locked down fully for speaking arrangements, but hopefully, I can get much more speaking done in 2012.

  1. Eric Freeman
    September 28, 2011 at 00:15

    Do you know what your SQLCat Room Schedule is like for the PASS Summit?

    • Thomas Kejser
      September 28, 2011 at 00:29

      I am afraid I dont have the final agenda yet. Should be here any day though. Will post when i know

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